Q&A: Martin Nestor Production Director

Martin officially ‘retired’ from First 4 at the end of October, but we hear he’ll still do about four months a year at the Blackburn company, which recently carried off PrintWeek’s SME Company of the Year gong.

He has spent 43 of his 59 years in the industry, and is married with four children, two of whom followed him into print.

What is your nickname?

Baldy. Never quite understood why…

Why did you get into printing?

It started as a Saturday job while I was still at school. Cleaning up and making teas

What would be your dream job?

A print buyer

Who would play you in a movie about your life?

My favourite print associate Ian Lawrence (Calder Print). If he’s not available then Michael Caine

What is your dream bit of kit?

A new Polar 115 with full Flow Line

What would you most like to print?

Brittany Ferries outward boarding passes

What is your favourite film?

The Great Escape

What is your favourite TV show?

Only Fools and Horses

Who do you admire most in print?

All my business partners at First 4 including my two sons David and Chris. I have enjoyed helping them be where they are today

What is your favourite album?

Led Zeppelin IV, Stairway to Heaven

What is your greatest luxury in life?

My house in France

What is the strangest job you’ve had?

Printing the ballot papers for the Kenyan elections

Who would you like to be stuck on a desert island with?

My beautiful wife of 40 years

What is your greatest ambition?

To enjoy a long and relaxing retirement

What’s your greatest fear?

Not enjoying a long and relaxing retirement

What piece of kit would you like to see invented?

A completely autonomous guillotine

Most embarrassing moment?

Recently taking my motorbike test, surrounded by 18-year-olds

Where would you like to be now?

Enjoying the sunshine with my family in France

What’s your worst fashion disaster?

Saving up for and purchasing what I thought was a really trendy Afghan coat

Who would be your favourite party guests?

The Goons

What is the worst kind of print?

60gsm B1 sheets that have not been ‘knocked up’ on press

What was the best business deal that you’ve pulled off?

Selling my shares in Clayton Park just at the right time

How would you like to be remembered?

Always being part of the team

Life is…?

Life is loads of fun but shouldn’t be taken too seriously

What was your childhood obsession?

To be a printer, believe it or not